CNCD album 1995 - sold out
a few thousand copies. released thru austrian trsi-recordz. 
available on mp3
Harmaa vyohyke - grey zone
Audio-CD released december 2000! more info & orders.

originated as a 4 hour long live experiment at kainuu jazzspring '95 
35 minutes long edit for radio yle2 (Finnish broadcasting company) may '97
available on mp3

Virta '97

live performance on kajaani river 
available soon

Grann electronics

experimental electronics
Kaapeli - agent trip hop

                 agentsin action! mp3 demo available!

Rowboat studio

                 a bit more commercial productions

Personal projects

                  Aleksi Eeben - Gameboy music and right duration
                  Ville Hyvönen - posh sound design wank
                  Sami Järvinen


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